Exercise Equipment

Exercise Equipment

Because people see impressive and expensive exercise equipment in gymnasiums, they mistakenly believe that any exercise equipment today will be equally expensive and impressive but, as can be seen by the many joggers on the streets today, some exercises do not need any equipment at all whilst others, although perhaps less impressive, are not expensive at all.

Many of the joggers that you see on the streets or on the jogging tracks are serious about exercise and yet do not belong to any gym as they jog and also do some other exercise in the convenience of their homes. Two of the exercises these joggers can easily do in their home or anyone else could easily do in their home for that matter, are sit ups and pull ups, both of which are very effective and beneficial.

In order to do sit ups, many people use no equipment at all, no specialized equipment at least, just make advantage of whatever may be in their home. Pull ups however do need at least a bar but it can be any bar provided it is secure and strong however, many people today are taking advantage of the many different specialized pull bars which are available to buy today and have been especially designed for use in the home. Many of these special pull up bars are mentioned on the website by the Pullup Professors.

The pull up bars that have been especially designed for people to be able to use in their homes come in three main groups, the Doorway Pull Up Bars, the Wall Mounted Pull Up Bars and the Free Standing Pull Up Bars and any bar in any of these groups can provide someone the ability to include pull ups in any exercise routine they wish to adopt in their home.

Pull ups are considered to be a compound exercise which means that they target more than a single muscle group and instead target many. Sit ups are also considered to be a compound exercise but sit ups target various muscle groups in the lower body whilst pull up target a similar number of target muscle groups in the upper body. Although targeting several muscle groups, the positioning of the hands whilst doing pull ups can especially target one specific muscle group in particular. The three main grips when doing pull ups are with the hands together, apart or reversed but often, when the hands are reversed the pull ups are referred to as chin ups.

It is usual for people that do pull ups to include them as one aspect of their exercise routines but they are considered by many to be a very important aspect for whatever reason why they may be exercising. If they are exercising to build up their bodies, pull ups take care of the upper half and if someone is exercising to lose weight, although pull ups do not specifically aim at weight loss, they do increase a person’s heart rate so they can easier partake in exercises that do.

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