Central Vacuum Cleaners

Central Vacuum Cleaners

Central vacuum cleaner is a term which is being heard more and more these days as they become increasingly popular to have in a home. It is possible that just as a traditional vacuum cleaner can be found in most homes today, central vacuum cleaner systems will be found in every home of the future. There is little doubt today, as there has been little doubt for decades now that a vacuum cleaner is an essential household product required in order to keep a house clean. One of the beauties of a vacuum cleaner, apart from its efficiency, is the fact that it comes with a variety of accessories which enable easy cleaning of multiple surfaces and some accessories even make vacuuming in unusual and awkward places possible.

One problem that traditional vacuum cleaners did have though is that their dust storage bags are prone to accidents and when one of these accidents happen the released dust escapes all over the room in which the accident occurred, presenting a lot of extra work. Another problem which the traditional vacuum cleaners can present, especially in a two story house, is that they have to be moved from room to room, some upstairs and others down. Although over the last few decades vacuum manufacturers have constantly reduced the size and weight of their vacuum cleaners, the power units still hold some weight and the dust bags, although more sturdy, still have the potential for accidents.

Many of the central vacuuming systems, or certainly the best central vacuum, will address these problems. They do this by having both the dirt receptacle and the power unit, centrally located so as to negate the need to move them from room to room. Of course though, both these components need to be available in any room which may need vacuuming and so installation of conduits enable them that access with a connection being placed on at least one wall in every room in the house, every room that needs vacuuming at least. By these two components being centrally located it means that all that needs to be moved up or down stairs or from room to room, is the hose which is of course light, plus any accessories that may be needed in the next room. Fortunately the manufacturers of these systems recognized the need for accessories and so provide the system with similar accessories to what the traditional vacuum cleaners provided.

With the dirt receptacle being centrally located, it also means that any accident that may occur to it, its contents will be restricted to the area in which it is located. This being the case, most people opt to have the power unit and dirt receptacle located in their garages or perhaps their basements, if they have them as those are the places where least disruption will be presented if an accident does occur. The one disadvantage of a vacuum system though is; it will need installing before it can be used.

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